custom doll clothing

by lottie flower

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bespoke for your doll

from my studio to your door

I make beautiful clothing for dolls utilising authentic hand-loomed Indian silks, brocades and hand dyed fabrics. I have been sewing for over twenty years, it is my passion!

Please click below for either bespoke creation to your specifications for any size or kind of doll, or to go to my Etsy store for one off ensembles for SD ball jointed dolls or Minifee.


beautiful silks from India

Only the highest quality hand loomed dupions, brocades and silks make the cut.

Most brocades I use are vintage saris, woven by hand on a drawloom in a process that takes years to master and results in gorgeous surface details that incorporate different coloured and metallic threads. These vibrant fabrics catch the light beautifully, and are the perfect material for that special outfit.


bespoke orders


Contact me via the form, click "contact" on the floating menu to be taken there. Send me a message outlining your ideas, and what type of doll you have.


We will finalise your ideas, select fabrics, trims and details. I will give you a quote for the work, and the most exciting stage will begin...


I will create your custom outfit in my studio, meticulously and carefully, with attention paid to every detail. I will send you high quality images of the completed work.


Your finished custom piece will be lovingly packaged in tissue paper and a sturdy shipper to be delivered safely to your door.



"I commissioned Lottie for a set of silk kimono. It has been an amazing experience start to finish ... even the experience alone is memory-making! She took the time to mail back and forth discussing the ideas of the costumes, and returned with proposed sketches at record speed. We worked back and forth again choosing colours. When we entered the hand dying phase, she provided progress proofs of the results to make sure I was happy with them and then continued to provide proofs as she assembled the pieces.

At every stage she was in communication with her delightful mix of professionalism and charm. She has a fantastic sense of colour, a strong sense of what works well in design, and a remarkable intuition for giving shape to what you imagine.

I cannot recommend her highly enough."

FairEmma, USA (DoA forum)

"I commissioned a kimono from Lottie, and it's one of the most beautiful, carefully constructed doll garments I own. Not only is the design amazing (I want one in ME size), but the fabrics she used are in perfect scale for the dolls, and the hand-dyed colors are even better than I'd imagined they would be. I will definitely be commissioning her again in the future!"

Kiyakotari, USA (DoA forum)

"I commissioned a kimono from Lottie for my boy, I can not say enough wonderful things, She matched my request perfectly. The kimono is a work of art its absolutely stunning in every way. The communication was EXCELLENT and she kept me informed of the status. The package arrived fast and packed well. Would buy from again in a heart beat!"

Sims, USA (DoA forum)


thank you for your message!